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Waldenstrom, Pete...
Waldo, Peter
Walther, Carl F. W.
Warburton, William
Ward, James
Warfield, Benjami...Watson, John
Watson, John Broa...Wayland, Farncis
Weatherhead, Lesl...
Webb, Clement Cha...Webber, Robert E.
Weber, Max
Weiss, Johannes
Wellhausen, Julius
Wells, David
Welsh, John ("of ...Welsh, John ("of ...
Wesley, Charles
Wesley, John
Westcott, Brooke ...
Whately, Richard
White, Ellen Gould
White, John
Whitefield, George
Whitehead, Alfred...Whiteheadianism
Whyte, Alexander
Wiener, Norbert
Wilberforce, Samuel
Wilberforce, Will...Will
Will to power
Williams, Peter
Williams, Roger
Williams, William
Willock, John
Wilson, Robert Dick
Windelbrand, Wilh...
Wisdom, John
Wiseman, Nicholas...Wishart, George
Witherspoon, John
Wittgenstein, Lud...Wittgenstein, Lud...
Woolman, John
Woolston, Thomas
Word of God
World Mind
World Spirit
World Spirit or W...
World View
Wrede, William
Wroth, William
Wundt, Wilhelm
Wycliffe, John
will, the

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